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Compact Appliances That Make A Big Impact

Living spaces are becoming increasingly compact—from condos, downscaled homes, and tiny houses to micro condos and other pied-à-terre spaces for those looking for a smaller place to call home.

The best part? With this move to smaller locations, there are more and more compact houseware options available on the market. Think hideaway beds, multi-use furniture, foldable tables and chairs, pocket doors, customizable storage, and much more. Reinventing small spaces to maximize room and efficiency is becoming more and more popular, and the options are seemingly endless.

In fact, many people now prefer to live large in a small space—investing in ways to ensure their micro home is functional, innovative, and furnished precisely to their needs and taste. And that includes finding new and better ways to make full use of a small-scale kitchen.

Compact appliances that fit your home and lifestyle

At Unique Appliances, we’ve created a line of compact appliances built for great looks, ease of use, and even additional storage. Our Prestige range and refrigerator set not only fits into small kitchen spaces, it also comes with all the convenience and flexibility of regular-sized appliances.

Prestige refrigerator

This bottom-mount refrigerator makes full use of its 12 cu. ft. size. It comes with 4 adjustable shelves, 3 spacious freezer drawers, a deep crisper, and even an adjustable wine rack. Which means no need to skimp on your grocery orders thanks to ample and innovative storage space! Every inch of this appliance has been thoughtfully imagined to ensure maximum use—all while taking up as little space as possible in your kitchen.

Prestige range

This sleek, gas-powered range comes in 20” or 24” sizes, so you can select which works best for your kitchen, available in stainless steel, white or black. It includes 4 burners, a waist-high broiler, 2 adjustable shelves, and a practical storage drawer for pots and pans. It also has a continuous cast-iron grate design for quick and easy clean up. The small size of our Prestige ranges doesn’t affect cooking quality or comfort, instead offering you nothing but compact convenience.

Whether you’re looking to downsize, or just prefer the simplicity and ease of a smaller living space, you can enjoy all the warmth and full convenience of a compact kitchen thanks to Unique Appliances. Take a look at our line of Prestige appliances and start imagining all the benefits of living life on a smaller scale.

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